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Urology Testimonials
We are very impressed with the high quality of transcription services and customer care provided by UroVoxx. - Florence, KY
Working with UroVoxx has been a rewarding experience, as all our transcription issues have been resolved; the transcription workflow has never been smoother. Sylva, NC
About Urology Medical Services and Healthcare Products
UroVoxx is a domain of MDofficeManager, Headquartered in Jeffersonville, Indiana. MDofficeManager, has grown from a web-based technology medical transcription service in 1999 to a premier patient care documentation partner today. We provide the best transcription solutions, all the while keeping in mind the importance of enhanced customer care. Our transcription solutions make it easy and efficient to document patient encounters and coordinate care with in-house and service providers.
UroVoxx - Urology Transcription involves the following steps
» Capturing of dictations directly over telephone lines or from digital handheld recorders or by using computer dictation software
» Transferring dictations to a HIPAA compliant server
» Converting dictations to transcribed records
» Performing quality checks for transcribed records
» Transferring the completed records back again to the HIPAA compliant server
UroVoxx - Main features of Urology Transcription
» Three levels of quality checking by editors, proofreaders and medical editors that guarantees 99% accuracy
» Audio and document file archives
» HIPAA compliant transcription solutions
» Reports on transcripts showing progress of each file
» Affordable pricing depending on factors like turnaround time, volume, specialty requirement, document management flow system requirement and types of dictations to be done
» Customized turnaround times
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